trying to tell a friend about a LOST

  • me: okay so they're stuck on a deserted island after their plane crashes and then they have to try and survive and hunt boar and stuff but then there are people already there on the island and they're called the others and they look like hillbillies but theyre really not they actually live in dharmaville because their leader killed off a research team called the dharma initiative and those people built these hatches everywhere and the plane crashed because this scottish guy desmond didn't enter the numbers into a computer to stop the world from ending because of an electromagnetic anomole and after that the others kidnap some of the survivors and make their leader perform surgery on their own leader to save his life and then some people come to the island on a freighter but its not penny's boat because her dad is a dick and also used to be an other and had an awesome kid who knows about time travel and then a bald guy who used to be paralyzed but can now walk was told to turn a giant wheel and then the island moved and started jumping through time and some people left but they had to come back and fight a giant smoke monster made of pure evil because destiny
  • friend:
  • me:
  • friend:
  • me: but its a really deep, metaphysical, heartbreaking, layered show though, you should watch it